Custom Fire Department Belt Buckles
Welcome to the Northwest Brass Works! We are a small foundry established in the Pacific Northwest  of  Washington  State.  Our company is  dedicated  to manufacturing  the  highest quality solid brass belt buckles handmade in the U.S.A. Our specialized services include custom designed belt buckles along with our own original belt buckles.
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Pictures of some Custom Fire Dept. Buckles we have made.
When you receive your belt buckle you will notice the Excellent Detail, see the Brilliant Shine, feel the Weight and Thickness of a Solid Cast Buckle and admire the Pride in Craftsmanship.

Our Lifetime Guarantee of Quality - If the hardware attachment ever breaks we will repair it for free. You just pay for shipping. This buckle can take the punishment of everyday wear. So wear it proudly!

Made in the U.S.A. and Proud of it!
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Custom Fire Department Buckles.

#1 Come up with an idea for your Fire Department buckles

#2 Email us a description, any pictures and emblems you want on the buckle.

#3 We draw the artwork and email it to you for approval.

#4 Once approved we can get the order in the works.

#5 Receive the custom buckles and wear them with pride!

It's that simple.
Firefighter Buckles that can handle the heat and take the abuse!

Tried and True.

The Absolute Best Quality Fireman Belt Buckles Available!
Made in the U.S.A. and Proud of it!
Northwest Brass Works
Northwest Brass Works manufactures custom brass belt buckles. All of the buckles we make are sand-cast, solid brass, and hand made in the USA. Every belt buckle comes with a Lifetime Guarantee of Quality Craftsmanship.

"Our custom buckles can take the punishment of everyday wear."
How to make a custom buckle. First email us your idea and description with us for a buckle. From this we draw a graphic proposal for you to review. Once approved the patterns are made for each custom edition of buckles. An antique foundry press is used to compress specially formulated smooth sand around the patterns. Great attention to detail is taken at this point in the process. Our traditional brass is melted in a furnace then hand poured into the top of the sand molds. After cooling each sprue of buckles is broken out sand blasted then inspected for quality. We select only the best buckle castings. A skilled craftsman polishes each buckle using a variety of techniques. This is a skill that takes years to perfect.  When the buckle is finished it is strength tested and inspected for quality.

"A Quality Craftsman makes a Quality Buckle."
Northwest Brass Works